Thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors, Metro World Child reaches 200,000 inner-city children and their families in New York and around the world.

Based on the principle that it is better to build boys and girls today than to repair men and women tomorrow, we take a holistic approach to outreach, in which we seek to address spiritual, emotional, and physical needs with intentionality and purpose.

Through programs that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, show God’s love, and meet children’s basic needs, lives are being fundamentally changed.  Metro’s model of outreach is duplicated all over the world because it is rooted in sound Biblical principles that transcend cultures, denominations, race, and generations.

All of our work is founded on the life-changing power of the Gospel and purposefully designed to break destructive cycles, giving children the hope that they need to create a new path for their lives.

Our approach is driven by three core values:


We believe that relationships and meeting physical needs are important, but only the redemptive power of Jesus Christ can truly changes lives.  For at-risk children living in hopeless situations, the love of Jesus and a personal relationship with Him, brings hope, joy, and peace, and provides a foundation that cannot be shaken.

Our Sunday School program is the core of our ministry, where many children have the chance to meet and receive the love of Jesus for the very first time. When you support Metro World Child, you create these opportunities for us to share the message of Jesus with children, speaking truth into their lives about who they are and who they can become through the power of Christ.


One-on-one relationships with children and families with whom we work are the heartbeat of our ministry around the world.  Our staff live in the neighborhoods where we serve and make regular home visits to children and their families.  Your generous support allows us to be present in the various communities where we serve and enables us to meet real needs as they arise.

For children coming from backgrounds of abuse, neglect or abandonment, the consistent care and attention that our Metro staff provide is often the simplest, yet most meaningful, demonstration of love that we can give.  These relationships also encourage kids to keep coming back to Sunday School week after week.


Metro World Child exists to bring hope and joy to children today and change lives for tomorrow.  Through the transforming power of Jesus, children’s lives are impacted now, so they may become leaders and witnesses to the next generation later.  With your support, we are teaching children moral and life principles from the Bible that can help set their lives on the right path from an early age.

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